Arachne Forge Introduction to Bladesmithing Class

Part of the philosophy of craftsmanship at Arachne Forge involves ensuring that the art of blacksmithing is maintained and carried forward to new practitioners. The only class currently offered is a two day Introduction to Bladesmithing class for one or two people maximum. In this closely guided course, students will learn the basic process of forging and heat treating a blade on the first day, and will then grind and sharpen the blade and attach a handle on the second day. The knife produced is identical in construction to the Brut de Forge knives offered by Arachne Forge, which you can learn about by clicking the button below. The exact aesthetic will of course depend on that of the maker, and you will have many opportunities to make your blade uniquely yours.

Class availability is subject to scheduling on a case by case basis, there are no set dates. If you would like to schedule your introduction into the vibrant world of bladesmithing, send an email and we will contact you with current availability. We are currently enrolling for November and December classes.

Class Fee: $500 per student (Two student maximum)

Class Format: 2 Days, 10:00am - 5:00pm

Class Location: White Center, Seattle, Washington